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When it comes to ticket experience, you wont find a company with more than Seat Scouts. This is why we have hand selected every member of our team and have invested so much into the future of our company.

We believe that collaboration, experience and passion lead to products that are second to none. We accomplish this by building the fastest software using the latest technology. As such, we rely on cutting-edge technologies such as Elixir, Phoenix Framework, React, and WebSockets to build real-time software that’s up to the task. We hope you enjoy our tools and save countless hours and money.

Meet the talent

Get to know the people behind Seat Scouts.

Drew Gainor


Drew Gainor is a visionary, 18-year ticket industry veteran, currently developing industry-leading pricing tools that increase resellers ROI and improve overall markets. Seat Scouts has quickly become renowned for designing the fastest, smartest and most cost-effective platform and mobile apps.

Before starting Seat Scouts, Gainor spent five years as founder and Vice President of Ticket Evolution where he led the development of the industries most widely used B2B tools and API's.

Guinio Volpone


Brendan O'Donoghue

Director of Operations

Lauren Gainor

Director of Client Services

Lauren is a Boston-based communications expert with a very seasoned professional background.

Prior to joining Seat Scouts, Lauren spent ten years working in the Telecommunications field in various capacities. She started out in sales support, then moved into sales operations, followed by project management and in more recent years business process development.

She is no stranger to the secondary ticket market. Prior to Lauren’s ten year stint in Telecom, she worked at as Sales & Marketing Manager. The company later merged into National Event Company in NYC.

She also has a creative side, which was expressed early on in her career as an Event Planner. Lauren planned conferences, trade shows & special events for a variety of Fortune 500 companies. She was also responsible for the marketing behind these events.

Lauren is both excited and motivated by her return to the industry, bringing with her an even broader range of sales and client experience this time around.

Lauren graduated from Northeastern University in Boston with a Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies and a Minor in English.

Don 'The Wolf' Pflaster

Chief Technology Officer

Greg Vaughn

Chief Architect

Greg Vaughn is new to the ticketing industry, but brings 20+ years of software engineering and leadership experience across a dozen domains and languages to Seat Scouts. He became excited about the Elixir language and ecosystem in 2013, seeing how it meshes well with modern expectations from web applications. Seat Scouts took a risk with a young technology, but is seeing payback in the groundbreaking near realtime features it brings to the ticketing industry that has never experienced it before.

Greg's passion is to build resilient software in a sustainable way that enables regular new features to surprise and delight customers.

Marcelo De Polli

Senior Software Engineer

Marcelo started coding when he was 14 years old and hasn't stopped ever since. After falling in love with Web development in 1994 and flirting with several programming languages since then, he met Elixir in 2015 and decided to keep drinking from that source. He brings a strong product-oriented approach to technology, as he believes improving peoples' lives through code to be one of the most effective forms of design. But, in spite of that, his wife and two cats are his true love. And he still finds room in his heart for teaching and mentoring aspiring programmers, gaming, reading, and movies.