Improving Ticket Markets by Educating Sellers

Our vision is simple: Improve ticket markets through insight and analytics. The race to the bottom ends with Seat Scouts!

Event Watcher Features

You have to see it to believe it!

Season Ticket View

Configure pricing rules for an entire season in seconds. Preview the entire season and modify individual games.

Group Ticket Listings

Group similar ticket listings to limit your exposure per event and always ensure you have enough seats on the market. Apply groups across an entire season in seconds!

Bulk Edit View

Modify unlimited pricing rule attributes across events in seconds. This is one powerful view!

Tons of Analytics

Quickly view market trends, suggested price history, and so much more!

Venue Templates

Our powerful, dynamic venue templates make creating rules a snap!

Notifications (Coming Soon)

Configure flexible email, text and push notifications.

No Contracts, No Commitments

Use us because you want to, not because you are stuck in a contract and are forced to. Regain your freedom and feel liberated again!

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