Mobile Transfers, Order Processing, Auto-Pricing, Analytics and more!

Dear loyal customers and friends.

It has been a while since we at Seat Scouts have communicated with you, and you even may have been told that Broker Genius’s lawsuit eliminated Seat Scouts. Clearly that is false. With a flurry of recent developments, this seems like a perfect time to:

1) Give you an update on the products we are currently offering while awaiting rulings on the auto-pricer,

2) Tell you what to expect for products in the near future.

Introducing The Sync Processing Suite

First, the Broker Genius lawsuit over auto-pricing is not over, and we are still here with a plan forward. We have listened to your needs and turned our attention to non-pricing products while the appeal of the pricing products move forward — see below. Our highly skilled team of engineers has developed products that are not pricing products, and therefore are not subject to the Court’s injunction. We hope you have seen our recent announcements of a suite of products that help you seamlessly process your marketplace sales. The suite, currently consisting of Mobile Transfer automation, will shortly add full processing, that will keep your point of sale changes updated on all of the markets supported by Sync. In addition, we will be providing a Data and Analytics product that will tell you how the market for events has developed, so you will not be chasing the current market, but can make the right decision on where it will be.

Each of these products will address critical parts of your operation and will allow you to process sales more effortlessly than ever before!

The Forthcoming Pricing Products, Including Auto-pricing Products

So, with the injunction in place, is Seat Scouts no longer an option for your pricing needs? Although others may have told you that Seat Scouts is permanently barred from auto-pricing, that is not true. The injunction prohibits Seat Scouts from offering products “derived” from AutoPricer v3. That means two important things:

1. We are not barred from offering products developed without any knowledge of AutoPricer v3.

We are taking steps to provide you access to an auto-pricer. That auto-pricer, created using a process to ensure that it cannot be subject to any claim by Broker Genius that it was copied from them, would be available to us even with the injunction in place. While the timeframe for this is not yet fully known, we would expect to be in a position to offer you an auto-pricer in the Spring. Stay tuned and keep your powder dry.

2. If you do not want to chase the current market, forecasting is coming.

While a comparable based auto-pricer that keeps your prices updated based on the current market is valuable to many of you, many others have told us that they do not want to react to every drop in secondary market prices. They want to price where the market is going. We are working on providing you access to a forecasting tool that will predict future markets, so that you can set your prices based on historical markets and future predictors. Like the auto-pricing tool, we expect that this tool will be available to you in 2020.

Thank you for reaching out continually with your support and feedback. We never get tired of hearing how much you are enjoying our products and how much time and money they save you.

As always, please send any questions, feedback or comments to info@seatscout.com.