Little Turtle Ventures, Inc.

For the broker community, there has been no company more aligned with our values than Seat Scouts and it’s founder Drew. Through multiple projects and services they have offered in only a short time span, they have proven time and time again they are deserving of this recognition as they understand exactly what the broker needs and perfects solutions, in particular on the automation side. Not only are their services and products top notch from the beginning, they are always improving and thinking of new ways to make automation for the broker even more efficient with easy to use and understand user interface portals. When you think they have thought of everything, they come around to surprise you. It’s not often you find a company wanting to create value rather than just maintain value. And when rare issues occur, their support is unparalleled, quick responses and fixes are the regular for them. I am thrilled for the future of this company as I know they can become a one stop shop for most broker’s ongoing automation needs, especially at a time when transfers are becoming the rule, rather than the exception.


-Little Turtle Ventures, Inc.