Reps & Co.

We have been using Seatscout since minute 1 and have been VERY satisfied with the quality of the software.  The transfer abilities for all transfer stocktypes across all markets and platforms has allowed us to save time, money, and confusion in training by streamlining our delivery and having ALL transfers in 1 place.  We were able to replace 3 different services by using Seatscout for all transfers, saving thousands of dollars a month. The proof of delivery is so convenient we estimate that it has saved us 8-10 hours a week since we no longer take and store screenshots of transfers for proof of transfer.  The email notifications have allowed us to determine inventory that is on a delay which has significantly reduced our time spent in Quality Control, and also allows our listings to be ready to price much faster therefore maximizing sale time. The chat feature for Help is very convenient and Brendon or Drew are very prompt and clear in their responses.  The speed of the transfer and page loading and updating is second to none – we have saved an immeasurable amount of time just because the quality of the product can handle the volume we are dealing with when no others could. The portal and interface are very user friendly, and there is greater control in their system than in others. I can reset orders, redeliver, pull proof of purchase, manage undelivered orders, see the invoice from my POS, go directly to the marketplace portal, and have complete visibility into any issues my accounts are having all from the Seatscout portal.  It truly is a one-stop-shop for inventory management and order delivery. With all the recent additions to the system we believe we will be able to eliminate many of our manual processes and order fulfillment checks because the capabilities of the system make so many other processes obsolete.  


Cody Trotter
Director of Distributions